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What K Said

Musings of the funniest 7 year old I know.
Aug 19 '12

Fashion plate

Trying to go to buy milk
Me: let’s go, what’s the hold up?
K: oh, sorry. I had to make a few adjustments to my outfit.

Aug 4 '12

A quiet evening stroll...

  • K: whatifsomeoneaccidentallystolesomethingbutdidntknowtheystoleitandthenthepoliceaskedthemaboutitwouldtheygetintrouble?
  • andwhatiftherewasntoneofthosemetalthingsanditsoitdidntgooffandyouforgotyouhaditandthenyoustoleitbyaccidentandthestoredidntknowandyoudidntknowthenwhatwouldhappen?andwheredograssseedscomefrom?maybethegrassrootsistheseedormaybegrassgetflowersandthenthosearetheseedsormaybethegrassjustturnsintoseeds
  • ihearlotsofcricketsaroundherelatelyandiamsogladtobebackinwinnipegbecausetherearejustmorecricketsthanever.
Jul 28 '12

Way ahead of you...

  • K: Imagine if you married David Beckham and then he was our Dad.
Jul 28 '12
Just got back into town and the paparazzi is already all up in her face.

Just got back into town and the paparazzi is already all up in her face.

Jun 26 '12
Today’s special

Today’s special

May 21 '12
"You can really make a dinner, mommy"
May 21 '12

Too much tv

Me: That’s sort of rude.
K: What? It’s my catch phrase.

May 14 '12
"I need to get my hose on, yo!"
K, watering the garden
Apr 23 '12


  • K: Keep fighting the good fight.
  • Me: Um. Thanks. I will.
Apr 10 '12


K: A tyrannosaurus wouldn’t have to munch, it could just swallow me whole. Literally.